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sleepsurprise - sleeping girls fucked hard

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Rabbits Reviews:
"Well, I just got done looking over the Sleep Surprise website and now I fully expect to wake up tomorrow with a sticky surprise of my own. The site is the latest offering in the increasingly popular fuck-em-while-they-sleep genre of porn and while it doesn't bring anything new to the table, it does deliver some nice content.

The premise behind SleepSurprise is a simple one. Chicks doze off and then get fucked while they slumber. I'm a pretty sound sleeper myself, but these chicks put me to shame as they manage to snooze while having their clothes removed and having hard cocks placed in both their mouths and pussies. Sure, it isn't all that realistic, but if you can suspend disbelief the scenes are quite enjoyable.

There are currently 34 episodes available on the site and each one comes with a video and a set of pictures. Recently, they have been adding new content once a week, which is great. Looking at the update schedule, you can see that they are somewhat erratic in terms of when content is added, but if they continue with the weekly schedule, it would be fantastic.

While the update schedule could use some work, the quality of the content is fine as is. The 34 movies can be downloaded as Windows Media files in clips or full-length versions and they're offered in three different quality settings. The "full-res" films look fantastic, so opt for those. The vids can also be streamed, so watching the movies on the site is an option as well.

As for the photo content, it too looks great because all the images are high-res. You'll probably want to save more than a few them and that's why it's so fortunate that the 34 picture galleries can be saved in Zip files.

With so few episodes, you'll probably get through the main material pretty quickly, but don't fret because there's more to see. Members get access to seven other websites at no extra cost and some of these sites include Anal Petite, Creamed On Glasses and Holey Fuck. They should keep you plenty busy while you wait for new updates.

Although the relatively small amount of material at Sleep Surprise can't be completely overlooked, the high-quality content and bonus sites make purchasing a membership tempting. I'd recommend that you consider the pros and cons, sleep on it and then decide for yourself if this is a site you want to invest in."

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